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New Expeditions


Forecast of new trips open for small groups with similar interests. Very often there will be hiking in the nature and the territory explorations with a strong identity of natural and cultural landscape. I will take care of the organization and details according to the group needs. Click the button on the right to depart!



Expeditions in Gonçalves


I live in Gonçalves, a cosy and lovely town of Minas Gerais State (Brazil) situated in the exuberant "Mantiqueira Hills", 230 km away from São Paulo.


An ideal place for ecotourism, full of trails and waterfalls, where you can relax and enjoy a very cosy landscape and at the same time very expansive when you reach the natural view points at the top of the hills. Click the button on the right and know more about Gonçalves.



Body and Art Expeditions


Little by little I intend to suggest Theme Expeditions always looking for refining senses perceptions.


Beyond trails and body practices, I think interesting to compose with other visions, other artistic perceptions for a partnership with photographers, plastic artists, musicians, gourmets, etc., to amplify the sensorial experience.


The net is open to new partnerships and suggestions. If you have a workshop suggestion or some theme or place that you are interested in, feel free to email me. Who knows it can be our next travel?



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