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From an early age I've realized my passion for travelling and nowadays I notice I really love this feeling of living in a continental dimensions country which is abosolutely multifaceted, where its perspectives for trips, landscapes, cultural sharings, tours and experiences are endless.


My first trips were towards the ocean. Remote small villages of the Brazilian coastline. Afterwards, felt in love with Architectural History, I went to live in Italy (Florence and Milan) and to travel in Europe. There I've realized how much excites me the dynamic of sincronicity and the capacity of intuition that we are able to generate while we are travelling in an open way, without many plans or control.


Afterwards Egypt, Greece, Israel, Turkey and finally the lovely India where I've been for an Ayurvedic trainning in 2008.


As soon as I've came back From India I've moved to Gonçalves, south of Minas Gerais State. Here I've developed Wellness activities (such as massages, body therapies and Yoga) and in a close contact with Nature. I've also rescued my traveller soul which had been somewhat asleep inside the big city journey.


And the call lately is "agreste" (a kind of Brazilian central landscape). I wish to know more about the central region of Brazil and also other territories with energetic free dynamics. Hence Cactus this lush inhabitant from America, the so-called New World, will inspire further new wanderings.




Ana Cláudia Ventura






cel: 55 (35) 99214279

skype: anaclauventura

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