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This site is about trip experiences trought a traveller soul who appreciates the nature, its energies, its sensorial and esthetic pleasures.


Here you will find Trip Reports spontaneously written, from whom has the impulse to travel in an independent way to some places, territories, no much guides or plans and open yourself to discover what the place reserves to you. Usually they are experiences that provides a big counsciousness expansion, clarity and a huge reinvigoration. I share my sensory impressions in a personal, free and ample way.


All the tips and contacts that you will find on this website are personal, collected during my trips and I think they can help someone else's travel. It is not a conventional guidebook with catalogued information neither chronicle trips, but an inspiration and the first steps to someone who is preparing his/her next travel.


Here in this website you will also find the page Groups and Expeditions that is a space for trips open to small groups and with the same interests. It is also available Expeditions in Gonçalves, south of Minas Gerais State. Check it out.


Hope you enjoy the website and have a nice trip!


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